We’re always looking for photo stories for our issues – if you have one that tells the stories about species of conservation concern, or those receiving little love, then send it over for us to have a look. We don’t just want different pictures of the same thing. You need to tell a story or bring different elements together. 

We also use photographs in general for the magazine. If you want us to look at your photos, send us a link to your website. It’ll be most helpful if you can give us a list of the things we might find so we can use it for reference.

Lastly, find us on Flickr and 500px, where we have communities for photographers so you can submit photos to get them in as Image of the Issue and other sections.

Additionally, if you’re staying up to date with research and you know you have photos that relate to some recently released work, then send them over!



If you’re a trained scientist and you want to write for Biosphere, please send us a writing sample based on recent research. Don’t be afraid to have a personality and use humour when appropriate – we want to bring the research alive with all the life of the natural world.

We also look for opinion pieces – so if you’ve got something to say, send us the first few hundred words so we can see if it suits.

Lastly, we publish field reports. If you’ve been on a scientific expedition recently or have one planned that you will also have photography from, let us know! You can write first hand about your experiences of field research – the ups and downs and everything in between.



We’re a really small team and we’ll therefore only have time to get back to people that we want to write for us. This might be a while after you originally email us. However we promise we read everything!