Nik Hubbard

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The seductive songs of male mice

Mouse-song has a previously undiscovered seductive quality, and similarities to birdsong. Mice communicate using ultrasound - squeaks and calls so high-pitch...
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When damselflies go to war

In vying for the perfect patch to claim as their territory, male damselflies go to war. They don't just charge into battle unprepared, however, as new research ...
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Do you have an opinion?

Love writing and have an opinion on something nature, wildlife or research-related? Absolutely bursting to share your thoughts on a topic you are passionate abo...
Sparklemuffin (Maratus jactatus) - Jurgen Otto / Peckhamia

A spider named Sparklemuffin

The silly side of science. Two new species of peacock spiders have been described, and, unofficially, they are known as Sparklemuffin and Skeletorus. Peacock...
Anna Panakova / Flickr

Are lemur boys smelly?

  "Boys are smelly." A classic phrase, passed on through generations. Its accuracy about human males is probably debatable, but in lemurs, smells are a ...
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Bringing a dead fjord back to life

  Around the world, waters low in oxygen levels are becoming increasingly common, and climate change predictions suggest this is a situation likely to g...

Nik Hubbard

Associate Editor

While he loves pretty much everything in the natural world, Nik really enjoys the quirkier side of nature, and has a soft spot for marine invertebrates in particular. He adores cephalopods and gets misty-eyed at the rapid, mind-blowing colour change and brilliant behaviours of cuttlefish and octopuses. When near the coast, Nik can often be found sploshing around in rockpools, poking around in seaweed and peering under rocks (carefully!), hoping to find intertidal treasures; a tiny porcelain crab, maybe, or perhaps a rare glimpse of a Bloody Henry sea star or shagrug nudibranch. For Biosphere, Nik dives into the research and writing, helping Roz to track down the best and most fascinating of the latest studies. He puts together the news in brief pieces for the magazine, and keeps on top of what’s happening in the busy world of social media. Nik completed his degrees at the University of Bristol and the University of Exeter, and holds an MSc with distinction in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology.