Jack Barton

Drone butterfly conservation

The Drone and the Butterfly

Surveying large areas of habitat just got a whole lot easier, as a team of scientists ditch traditional on-foot fieldwork and take to the skies. By using high r...
urban bumblebees

Bumblebees like the Urban Buzz

Bees and their allies are not only beautiful and fascinating creatures, they are essential natural assets too. By pollinating our flowers and crops, they are cr...

Jack Barton

Asides from studying towards a degree in Zoology, Jack can often be found out rambling the countryside scribbling field notes and sketches his journal, intently bird-watching in the hope of bumping up his tick-list, doing his bit by volunteering for conservation organisations, or lying in the grass trying to get the perfect shot of a red deer stag through the misty morning glow. Binoculars, camera and journal are never far from his side.