Roz Evans


Meerkat Matriarchs Carry Many Burdens

Being the dominant member of a group comes at a cost - new research from Duke University highlights the strains that meerkat matriarchs experience while trying ...

No, an octopus is not an ‘Alien’

Written by Jolene Creighton  Yesterday, a number of sites started running stories that seemed to imply that octopuses are aliens. As in, from outer space (?). ...
Roz Evans

Roz Evans

Editor, Founder

Roz is fascinated by the behaviours and morphologies of animals that are on the edge of reality. She loves it when we make discoveries that show animals destroying perceptions of what they are capable of. Fungi and parasites can alter behaviours of their hosts, drongos can imitate the sounds of their neighbouring bird species, and the ribbon tailed astrapia bird of paradise has ridiculously long tail feathers just to show others how sexy he is. She loves a non-simultaneous variety of weird, fluffy, colourful and macro. She’s also terrified of spiders, but in love with the peacock variety. For Biosphere, Roz runs the business side of things as well as designing layouts, sourcing photography and articles and editing articles for each issue. She gets a lot of junk mail so try emailing her a couple of times if she hasn’t gotten back to you. Roz studied at the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus, graduating 1st class in Conservation Biology and Ecology whilst choosing modules focusing on science communication.