Biosphere is an independent magazine that brings you the latest research news and stories from ecology, evolution conservation, behaviour and more. Making research accessible, it is an amazing study and research aid, and with its stunning photography straight from the field, it’s also a beautiful ‘coffee table’ magazine.

Wildlife science – full of wonderful animals and inquisitive researchers – makes for fascinating stories. Often, these stories are lost behind academic jargon or distorted by journalists. But in Biosphere, the scientists behind the research tell you their tales of discovery in creative and engaging ways, allowing you to see the story as it was meant to be told, with stunning photographs directly from the field. Academics, students and enthusiasts subscribe to Biosphere for a reliable and entertaining way to learn about the latest discoveries from the natural world.

How does being beautifully bright affect the superb fairy-wren’s survival? When the Mara river captures thousands of wildebeest each year, how does the loss of lives affect the surrounding ecosystem? Why does the Egyptian vulture smear its face in red mud? What can drilling into the Antarctic substrate tell us about the Adelie penguin’s ecological history? Why does the female moorland hawker dragonfly pretend to be dead? These are just some of the questions that have been explored in the last few issues of Biosphere magazine.

In addition to the in-depth, fascinating articles, a run through of the latest news from Ecology, Conservation, Climate Change, Evolution and Physiology – each with their own dedicated section – allows anyone to keep their finger on the button.

Check out a free example of the digital issue here.