If you love wildlife, and love discovering new things through science, you’ll love our new publication being created – BIOSPHERE Magazine. Not backed by any publishing house, we’re launching this independent project on Kickstarter in order to give you a great chance to subscribe for an affordable amount, and help us get going.


“There really is nothing out there that gives people what we want to give them. We want to bring science to life with all of the excitement of the natural world.” – Roz Evans, creator


The articles will be written by practicing academics and supported by photography from award winning artists.


Crowd funding platforms can be really useful for new projects. Backers have the confidence that their pledge will only be charged if the project reaches its goal, so they will only be supporting successful ventures and project leaders won’t be obliged to try to complete their projects with only a small percentage of the funds.


Our campaign on Kickstarter is already close to 50% of its £5000 target, so tee are well on its way to reaching our goal and producing an inspiring magazine.


“We’re trained conservation scientists, and we’re passionate about communicating the science behind the natural world. It’s only £15 which really is a great price, and it’s so low because we don’t believe that people who love to learn and discover new things should have to pay out too much for it” added Roz.


We’re urging people to get on board now, whilst we can keep the prices low by not paying the fees of subscription websites. Our success is dependent upon your support and this is a great opportunity to back a fast growing young business.


Roz has made an award-winning magazine before, and been behind the scenes at BBC Wildlife and Wild Travel. She’s a graduate of the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus and can’t think of anywhere better to start a business.


Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a keen student or a full-blown scientist, take a look at our Kickstarter campaign – there’s 18 days to go. You can simply get the £15 subscription or go for something more, a t-shirt package or a launch party ticket too!


To back this project, visit the project’s Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/24509865/biosphere