Blob. Fish. Of course the blobfish won the unofficial title of the world’s ugliest animal – it’s in the name. I personally believe the blobfish is a handsome little fellow, with his drooping nose and bulldog cheeks, and that grumpy expression plastered across his gelatinous face.

I would probably be quite offended to be branded, even as a species, as the ugliest animal alive, but it was a hotly contested title between a brilliant collection of curiosities. The probiscous monkey thought it might steal the title with it’s disproportionately saggy honker, and the ground nesting kakapo came in a close 2nd thanks to its not-so-delicate features

The campaign was run by The Ugly Animal Society, in noble efforts to try to raise the profiles of the lesser loved species across the globe, that still need our attention due to declining numbers and threatened habitats. More than 3000 votes were cast, with the blobfish commanding 795 of them.

It’s an honour for any animal to hold this title. For it to be able to draw attention to ‘ugly’ animals everywhere that aren’t spending enough time in the limelight, even though they are of conservation concern. This is an important task – we spend far too much energy watching if a panda cub is about to pop out of one singular panda in Scotland, and not enough time revelling in the delights of the weirdest creatures the world has to offer.

I personally don’t know what they’re talking about, I think the blobfish is super cute, but kudos for the win!