Web Author Guidelines

All web authors should have been added to a Google Docs Spreadsheet for potential articles. If you haven’t yet – let us know!

On this spreadsheet are two tabs. The second tab has a list of current news and research that could be reported on. We’d like this to be a collaborative tab, so help each other out and add research here even if you aren’t planning to write about it.

If you see something on this tab or elsewhere that you would like to write about, enter it onto the first tab of this spreadsheet so you have ‘reserved’ it as a piece and others will know not to start writing about it. This way, there shouldn’t be any overlap!


Biosphere’s main aim is to ‘bring the research to life’. The natural world is full of colour and vibrancy and we’d love it if you could be creative and bring this into your writing. The topic will dictate how you do this – obviously if you’re writing about a drastic loss of species then you should probably avoid too many corny jokes!

  • Try to avoid academic ‘jargon’. Read a sentence and ask yourself if it could be said more simply. Will someone who has never taken a science degree know what you’re talking about?
  • At the same time, don’t patronise. You don’t need to explain what evolution is, for example.
  • An online audience can be difficult to capture – will your article maintain their attention or have you got too stuck into details that don’t matter?
  • However, it’s incredibly important for you and for us that you maintain your scientific integrity. Whilst we’d like you to bring things to life, don’t sensationalise things or mislead the reader just because it makes for a better story.


  • Species common names should not be capitalised unless they are at the beginning of a sentence or they are named after a person / place etc.
  • When you first mention a species, put the latin name in brackets.
  • Try to include a quote from the researchers – either obtained through the press release or through direct communication.
how to post

You should have been sent an author log in. Head to www.biosphereonline.com/wp-admin and enter your details.

If you have experience with wordpress – this shouldn’t bee too difficult for you.

If you are directed back to the front end of the site (what you see when you you visit the site normally when you aren’t logged in) instead of the back end of the site (black and grey with options in the left hand black column down the side) then click on the ‘BIOSPHERE’ text within the black bar that should now be running across the top of the site.

  • This should take you to the back end of the site, where you can click on ‘Posts’.
  • Have a scan to check nobody else is already writing what you are about to – again, please all keep up to date on the Spreadsheet we have invited you to to make sure there’s no overlap.
  • Select ‘Add New’.
  • Your article should be entered into the text box here.
  • Enter a title and a permalink will be generated based on this title.
  • In the right hand column, select ‘Set featured image’ and upload an image. Ensure you have the permissions to use this image by sourcing it from Creative Commons or gaining permission from the photographer.
  • Underneath the text box where you have entered your article text, there are ‘Feature Image Options’. Enter the image credit under ‘Featured Image Credit Line.’
  • On the tab underneath ‘Feature Image Options’ there is a tab ‘Layout Option’. Ensure Drop Caps is ON.
  • Select the most appropriate category – we’ll be updating these soon so they’re better to use and articles can fall into specific places like ecology / evolution etc. Bear with us! For now just select the best option.
  • Email Roz (info@biospheremagazine.co.uk) and Nik (nik.hubbard@biospheremagazine.co.uk) when you have finished and have saved your draft – don’t click on publish. We will go through and make any needed edits, and publish the article for you!
  • Once your articles are published and we’ve posted them on social media, don’t forget to share in your own circles!
  • Don’t worry – if you have any questions, just email us. Thanks for being part of the team!

At the end of the article, please include a reference to the original journal source in APA style. Easiest way to do this is by going to google scholar, selecting ‘reference’ under the article title when it appears in the search, and then copying the APA style there.

This should be placed under a divider as you see here. This is achieved by selecting the divider icon at the top of the article input box, or typing the following code:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.02.55

Additionally, please include the following statement under a divider titled ‘subscribe’:

Discover the story behind the research through the scientist’s eyes, subscribe to Biosphere digital magazine for access to in-depth articles that bring the natural world to life.


You should have an author portfolio at the following type of link:


If you would like to upload a photo of yourself and a short blurb, you can do this in the back end of the site by selecting ‘Your Profile’ under ‘Users’.