Biosphere Issue 26

Issue 26

The strange behaviour of dragons, the shaping of hand-standing skunks, a delicate duet in Javan sparrows, what a Hippocratic Oath could mean for marine conservation, and why scientists are spreading plasticine caterpillars across the globe. Grab a cup of tea and relax, Biosphere Issue 26 is here!

 Biosphere Issue 25

Issue 25

The puffins’ path, tales of penguins past, the plight of the largest flying mammal, chasing bumblebees in the spring sunshine, and discussing if we are in the process of domesticating a new dog.

Biosphere Issue 24

Issue 24

The dark side of boxer crabs, a flirty side to bird mobbing, a complex conflict in the Gobi Desert, in search of Australia’s urban spiders, and a wall that will divide wildlife as well as people.

Biosphere Issue 23

Issue 23

The forgotten Outback, brains vs brawn in mammals with anti-predator defences, peculiar pipefish pairing, and why birds hide their bills. All this, along with the usual round-up of the latest from the wildlife sciences, in Biosphere Issue 23.

 Biosphere Issue 22

Issue 22

The dance of the flamingo, Sharks 4 Kids explain why sharks aren’t just for boys, the curious cognition of chickadees, and exactly what is SnotBot – and why is it collecting what comes out of a whale’s blowhole?

Biosphere Issue 21

Issue 21

Devilish drinking in the desert, the secrets of swift migration, tackling the Caribbean invasion of the lionfish, and have scientists found a living cloak of invisibility in the natural world? Learn, discover, be inspired, with Biosphere Issue 21.

Biosphere Issue 20

Issue 20

Why are humpback whales saving seals from hunting orcas? An identity crisis for giraffes – what do we really know about these towering animals? Women and wildlife in Nepal, people and papyrus in Uganda, and what it feels like to be stranded on a remote Indonesian island during fieldwork.

Biosphere Issue 19

Issue 19

Swimming with sharks at the Bimini Sharklab, studying the stunning strike of the secretary bird, learning the rules of cuttlefish fight club, the conservation of Californian condors, and the latest breathtaking images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2016. All this and more in Issue 19!

Issue 18

Down in the dumps: the fast food junkie bears that are living by the landfill, Olympian resistance of a certain marine species in withstanding ocean acidification, the shifting behaviours of wildlife, and should we name the animals we’re studying?

issue 17 biosphere

Issue 17

Let’s talk teamwork: the co-operative chatting of dolphins, complications of curbing climate change, in the field on the UK’s rocky shores for citizen science, and the history, and future, of one of the most charismatic cats, the leopard,

Issue 16

Violence on the prairie: the mysterious, murderous behaviours of prairie dogs, a strange symbiosis between woodpecker and fungi, the hunting behaviour of African wild dogs, in the field in the woodlands of Wales, and how a tiny green light may help to save sea turtles.

Issue 15

The intriguing ecological effects of fearing predators, an unlikely relationship between alligators and nesting birds, unravelling the concepts of camouflage, and one of life’s most important questions: why do gorillas hum and sing while they eat?!

Issue 14

Chemical crypsis in the puff adder: a snake without a scent, when bison vote and ladies lead, the prevalence of parthogenesis, stunning photography of Amazonian nightlife, and heading into the field in search of orang-utan nests.

Issue 13

The dramatic effects of ruffs’ inverted gene, birds tap-dancing faster than the human eye can perceive, investigating human-wildlife conflict, all the best photos from the Comedy Wildlife Awards, and should the ban on rhino horn be lifted?

Issue 12

Flashy females, bioluminescence, and female ornamentation, a round-up of the latest news on the perils of plastic, the baboons of Dragon Mountains, and the odd evolutionary consequences of toxic tactics. All this and more, in BIOSPHERE Issue 12.

Issue 11

In the field with the bats of the Amazon, a stunning photo-story of the great wildebeest migration, why hawks make great neighbours if you are a hummingbird, self-medicating ants, and the fascinating funerals of crows.

Issue 10

Reintroducing Tasmanian Devils to the Australian mainland, a Pied Piper of a different kind and the acoustic exploitation of ants, and how do you know which species to save when there is no money to conduct the necessary surveys? The wisdom of the crowd could be the answer…


Issue 9

A new take on the decline of large herbivores – where do we go from here? Also featuring the bellows of koalas, a unique relationship between bats and pitcher plants, how parrots can imitate and dance, and unlocking the mysteries of the ageless, cloning starfish.

Issue 8

The importance of hippo poo, the gentle whispers of gibbon communication, science in Seattle: urban fieldwork with the city’s crows, a wolf in sheeps’ clothing in the underwater world, and Deepwater Horizon, 5 years on. Learn, discover, and be inspired.

Issue 7

It isn’t all about the looks for discerning female peafowl – what else do males have to do with their spectacular tail feathers? A rare trait in the natural world, why does menopause exist in orcas? The arrival of chytrid fungus in Madagascar, and how plant can pick their pollinators. Get comfy with BIOSPHERE Issue 7!

Issue 6

How did zebras get their stripes? A new take on an old question. Working with albatrosses to solve the mystery of ageing; the beauty of the garter snake; and the curious non-linear evolution of weaver ants. All this, plus our usual opinion and in the field pieces, alongside a news in brief round-up of the latest from the wildlife sciences.

Issue 5

A perspective on Europe’s large carnivores, why geckos are losing their stick, disco clams and flashy discoveries, how Jaws has affected policy on sharks, and researchers on the trail of olive ridley turtles in Gabon.

Issue 4

A sensory ecology special. The incredible imitation game of the cinereous mourner, the gradual evolution of nature’s great pretenders, chemical camouflage in filefish, and the complex conservation of whitebark pines.

Issue 3

Sonar sabotage! Bats and sonic warfare in the night skies, the hidden impacts of hunting brown bears, fieldwork in the stunning mountains of Oman, and the story of Madagascar’s gardeners – the lemurs. Settle down with a cuppa and BIOSPHERE Issue 3!


Issue 2

How cheetahs conserve and use their energy, the magnificent migration of monarch butterflies, white rhinos and the ivory crisis, and why macaques have a preference for a certain type of complexion.


Issue 1

The mysteries of cordyceps and mind-control, relocation efforts for the world’s most endangered bird, an expedition to the Canadian Arctic, the contagious effect of yawns in wolves, and the evolution of hummingbirds. All this and more, in BIOSPHERE Issue 1.

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