Caitlin Richards

gray wolf

Reckless War on Wolves Renewed

The US Congress is poised to remove much-needed federal protections from highly vulnerable gray wolves. Only immediate action can stop legislators from passing ...
Red Sea sharks decimated by overfishing

Blood spilled in the Red Sea

Rampant overfishing has decimated shark populations in the eastern Red Sea. A new study shines a spotlight on the many shark species struggling to survive the s...
Caitlin Richards

Caitlin Richards

Editorial Assistant

As a budding researcher, Caitlin was taught that scientists must be ‘bilingual’—able to communicative effectively with both peers and the public, conveying both professionalism and passion. Now she is a marine conservation biologist who believes strongly in using the joy of storytelling to make science engaging, exciting, and inspiring. Caitlin holds a BSc Marine Science & Biology from the University of Miami and an MSc Conservation & Biodiversity from the University of Exeter’s Cornwall campus, and her research has examined trophic cascades in the seagrass beds of the Chesapeake Bay, feeding patterns of mullet fish in the Galapagos Islands, and digestion of marine microplastic pollution by sea anemones in Cornwall. When not behind a laptop, she is typically found sailing the Cornish seas or hiking the breathtaking Cornish countryside.