BIOSPHERE is a digital popular science magazine dedicated to the ever changing natural world – from zoology to evolution, conservation and behaviour. BIOSPHERE is the only magazine that will put of all of this in one place – in one exciting, enlightening and energetic publication.

  • The latest research
  • Getting the nitty gritty with tales from the field and expeditions
  • What’s in the news and important right now

Take a look at a recent issue to get an idea of what it’s all about:

Example Issue

Not only will articles be written by practising academics, but we promise to work closely with the scientists behind the research too.

We love discovering new things about nature. You can rest assured that BIOSPHERE will not overlook the small things. All species get a look in in BIOSPHERE. If you’ve never had much love for creepy crawlies, we promise we’ll change your mind if you pledge to subscribe.


Practising academics and professionals, students and enthusiasts subscribe to BIOSPHERE for the latest scientific discoveries from the natural world.

Stay up to date with zoology, evolution, conservation and behaviour in an exciting, energetic and informative way – all supported by stunning photography across every page.

Why should BIOSPHERE exist?
We’re overwhelmed by reasons, but we’ll try to keep them concise.

  • There’s nothing else like it. No other publication is dedicated to the natural world, and dedicated to telling the stories of the latest discoveries and research from it in a fun, interesting and energetic way
  • Communicating science is important to us. We believe everyone should be learning about nature, laughing at it, marveling at its curiosities and caring about its conservation. It’s one of the most important resources we have, and we want it all in one place ready to be absorbed by your curious minds.


Who is BIOSPHERE for?

  • Everyone who loves nature, and loves discovering new things. If you want to open your mind to the newest scientific discoveries from wildlife and the natural world then BIOSPHERE is for you.
  • Scientists and students – If you’re studying zoology, evolution, conservation, behaviour, ecology or a related subject, it’s really important to keep up to date with what’s going on in the scientific world. With BIOSPHERE you can do this without subscribing to multiple expensive journals, and the content will be more tailored to your style of reading with beautiful photography to liven things up.