What discoveries and captivating stories are awaiting you in this month’s BIOSPHERE?

The scientists behind the research tell their stories.

  • Opinion: The biggest flying mammals on the planet deserve attention, so say Claudia Baider, F B Vincent Florens, Christian E Vincenot and Tigga Kingston.
  • In the Field: Beth Roberts’ fieldsites are public gardens awash with bluebells and other flowering plants. This is where she finds herself chasing queen bumblebees, trying to understand their behaviours.
  • Where do puffins migrate to in winter? How does the path a puffin takes affect its pairing, and its chance of producing pufflings in spring? Annette Fayet has been exploring these questions.
  • Stephen Roberts and Patrick Monien tell the story of how an active volcano had a massive impact on penguins past. Remarkably, all of the information needed to tell the tale was contained in a three metre cylinder of sediment.
  • Could the grey wolf be becoming domesticated in some populations?  Thomas Newsome discusses whether a new dog is in the making, and what that could mean for its environment.
  • All of this and more, including a round up of the month’s research, in this issue of Biosphere!