During January, families across the UK perched themselves in places with a view of their garden. Perhaps sipping from mugs of tea as they recorded the winged visitors to the bird-table, maybe even breath steaming from beneath woolly hats if they’d braved the cold to get a closer view. The Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 results are now in, with some of the key findings in the infographic below.

Did you take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch? A brilliant example of citizen science, it allows a better understanding of how the bird populations of the UK are faring, year by year. It has been a good year for the charismatic long-tailed tit, amongst other less common small birds, perhaps because of the milder winter.


Infographic credit: RSPB / The Big Garden Birdwatch

More information and in-depth results can be found on the RSPB site